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the institute

instagram archive


instagram archive
i started taking photos with my iphone because of instagram, back when it felt like more of a creative outlet than what it is now . these photos were originally posted on the platform between 2013 and 2019 .


the institute
after the 2019 united nations climate summit in new york i created a card game for fast and furious at The Tank to help folks engage with the institutions that shape our lives in a fun and creative way.

the institute is a very simple collaborative storytelling game based on For The Queen by Evil Hat Productions . after shuffling, players go around in a circle drawing a card and answering the questions in complete sentences . as the game goes on, players develop characters and a collective idea of what the institute is and how it functions in the world. The game ends when the 🏛️ card is drawn and players vote on its question .

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tallinn + berlin

tallinn + berlin

atlas of residual traces
collaboration with Benjamin Malcolmson
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